The Hidden Islands of Thailand
(Waiting for You to Check Out)

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    The Land of Smiles is truly blessed with some of the world’s most stunning beaches and island destinations. While Phuket and Koh Samui are the most famous spots for tourists, a variety of smaller islands spread out across the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea are equally stunning. Some of these places are well-known but some are hidden gems. Your friends at Lub d have made your lives easier by putting together this list of the best unknown hidden islands waiting for you to check out!

1. Koh Phra Thong

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   Located in the Andaman Sea just north of Phuket lies Koh Phra Thong, an island blessed with natural features and unreal beauty. Not highly frequented by tourists but very popular with divers and snorkelers, this island presents one of the premier scuba diving hotspots in the entire country. Koh Phra Thong’s waters are full of majestic coral reefs and sandy beaches, making it a picture-perfect beach paradise minus the large crowds!

2. Koh Phayam

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    Further up north from Koh Phra Thong near the Burmese border lies Koh Phayam, a mountainous island filled with relatively unknown beaches. Koh Phayam is a mangrove-rich island that is reminiscent of Thailand in the early 70s and 80s. There are no ATMs or big shops that litter other popular islands, and the accommodation is quite humble, so it’s best to prepare all the necessities before heading there!

3. Koh Lipe

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     While Koh Lipe is still a rather popular island destination for travelers, the difficulties in getting there compared to other islands closer to the mainland make it less visited in comparison to places like Phuket or Koh Samui. Arguably the clearest waters found in the country and rivaled only by Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lipe is affectionately known by many as the ‘Maldives of Thailand’.

4. Koh Mak

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     A small island near Koh Chang, Koh Mak is truly one of the most sustainable and purposely underdeveloped islands in the country. Owned by 5 of the original local families of the island, Koh Mak has no bars or restaurants that stay open at night, has no ATMs, and is plastic-free. The island’s main objective is to provide sustainable, eco-friendly tourism that protects its local heritage and environment.

5. Koh Kood

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     Among the larger islands of the country, Koh Kood is a scenic destination close to the Cambodian border. With extremely clear waters and soft sandy beaches, it’s quite a wonder how it hasn’t attracted swarms of tourists during the peak season. With it being relatively uninhabited, Koh Kood is full of empty beaches, deserted roads, stunning waterfalls, and lush green jungles. If you want to explore a large and relatively uninhabited island to get a real sense of tranquility, Koh Kood is the perfect place for you.  

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      These are just a few of the many hidden paradises scattered across the waters of Thailand, and we highly recommend you check them out if you are not a big fan of being surrounded by flocks of tourists. Places like Koh Phayam and Koh Phra Thong aren’t too far from Phuket and can be easily traveled to by a speedboat.

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