Living in a Dorm in Makati, The Philippines: A First-Hand Experience Guide

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With its stunning mix of colonial architecture, skyscrapers, amazing cuisine, and warm hospitality, Manila offers countless treasures for travelers to discover. If you’re planning to experience the urban dynamic of Manila on a budget, staying at hostels seems to be a reasonable option as they’re not only cost-friendly, but also comfortable and safe.

Makati, a district in Manila is the center of all the actions with many hostel options available. Many modern hostels also offer free amenities like lockers, toiletries, and guest kitchens.

While some new travelers may feel apprehensive about hostels, rest assured that you will be able to find hostels in Makati, Manila that prioritize security, cleanliness, and community. Staff are available 24/7 to help if any issues arise. And veteran backpackers find hostels ideal for getting insider tips from fellow globetrotters.

For those who are wishing to immerse themselves in Manila’s chaotic allure without breaking the bank, here are the tips and guides on staying in a dorm in Makati!

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What You Can Expect When Staying In A Dorm in Makati

Choose Your Dorm

Generally, a dormitory comes with options for a mixed-gender dorm and a female-only dorm. Similarly, modern dormitory in Makati provides different options to suit your preferences.

Standardized Dorm Facilities 

Both of the dorm rooms provide standard hostel bunk beds each with a privacy curtain, lamp, and power outlet. The lockable luggage storage closets are also available to keep all the valuables.

Meet New Friends

It’s usually easy to make new friends when staying in a dorm due to the sociable characteristics of the dormitory. Makati is full of things to do with great food and nightlife scene. It is effortless and energizing to meet fellow travelers and immerse yourself in the city.

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Tips For Your First Hostel Dorm Stay in Makati

For travelers visiting Manila on a budget, dorm living in Manila is ultimately a great choice. The tips below are recommended to make the

Book in Advance

Especially during the peak season, it is recommended to secure the bed in case they are filled up.

Pack Light

Make sure it fits into the compact shared rooms. Most hostels have storage lockers available to keep your large bags secure after check-in.

Read Up on Hostel House Rules

As well as the etiquette beforehand so you’re a considerate dormmate. These often include quiet hours and protocols for guests.

Bring Earplugs

If you’re a light sleeper, earplugs are your lifesaver in case your dormmates are noisy sleepers. Also, a sleep mask if you’re sensitive to light.

Take Advantage of Hostel Amenities

like free WiFi, kitchens, and activities. You can save money by cooking meals instead of eating out.

Be Social in the Communal Areas

One of the best parts of dorm stays is connecting with travelers from around the world.

Venture Outside the Hostel During the Day

Explore Makati City and Manila as much as possible. You’ll appreciate having a convenient place to crash at night.

Use Lockers Provided

Keep valuables like passports, electronics, and cash/cards secure while you’re out seeing the sights.

Respect Shared Bathrooms

By keeping them tidy. Hostel dorm living means getting comfortable using community facilities.

Lub d Makati Dorm

If you’re certainly looking for a budget-friendly or cheap dorm in Makati, the dorm rooms available in mixed-gender or female dormitory at Lub d Makati is an excellent option and guarantee

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Spacious Beds

With spacious beds featuring high-quality linens, personal reading lights, lockable storage, and convenient access to shared bathrooms, these dorms provide a comfortable base.

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Communal Spaces — Co-working, Game Area, Rooftop Bars

The communal atmosphere encourages socializing with fellow globetrotters from around the world. Whether you’re a solo backpacker or traveling with friends, the mixed dorms allow you to save money without sacrificing security, privacy, or a good night’s sleep.

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Thoughtful Amenities

Not only you will stay in the dorm in Makati with aircon. Towels, toiletries, hair dryers, and charging stations are also o available to ensure you have everything you need. Staying in a mixed dorm room at Lub d Makati is a great way to meet new friends and explore the city on a budget.

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FAQs About Makati Hostel Dorms

If you’re new to hostel dorm stays, check out answers to some common questions fellow travelers had:

Q: How much do Makati hostel dorm beds typically cost?

A: Expect rates starting around 500 PHP per night for a dorm bed. Inexpensive by Manila standards!

Q: Do all hostels have air conditioning in the dorm rooms?

A: Yes, thankfully AC is standard due to Manila’s hot tropical climate. Most also include free WiFi.

Q: How safe is it to stay in Makati hostel dorm rooms?

A: Dorms take security seriously, though always exercise common sense precautions in any new city.

Q: Can I choose my own dorm bed or roommate?

A: Most hostels assign beds and roommates randomly unless traveling with a friend. Keep an open mind to meet new people!

Q: Are there lockers or storage for luggage in dorm rooms?

A: Yes, most hostels provide individual lockers or storage units for securing your belongings inside the room. Bring your own lock.

Q: How clean and tidy are the shared hostel bathrooms?

A: Hostel staff works hard to maintain the cleanliness of bathrooms. Be courteous by keeping them tidy after use.

Q: Is it easy to meet other travelers staying in a hostel?

A: Yes! Common rooms and organized activities make meeting fellow backpackers from around the world part of the fun.

Q: Should I bring my own bedding and towels? 

A: Most hostels provide basic bed linens and towels. You can bring your own sleep sack or sheets for added comfort if preferred.

Backpackers and budget travelers will enjoy an affordable and social experience staying in Makati dorm rooms. Enjoy the energetic vibe of Manila from your comfortable home base.