Bangkok 5 Days Sustainable Travel Plan

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(Special Edition for those who seek a more sustainable way to travel in Bangkok)

    Who said that this capital city only had business districts and shopping malls? Did you know that there are still a lot of restaurants and shops that care about the environment and try to run their companies in a way that has the smallest footprints. Here are some places to eat and see that we recommend if you have 5 days in Bangkok.

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Day 1 : Explore the Old Town

     The Jim Thompson Art Center is close to Lub d Bangkok Siam, so you can walk there in the morning to amaze yourself with art and creativity. This building is built to save energy by strategically using wind and sunlight to create a fresh and cooling atmosphere. Then, visit the Broccoli Revolution Charoenkrung branch for a vegetarian lunch.
This place has a big space in many vegans’ and vegetarian’s hearts due to its wide range of yummy dishes. And after that, take a MINE Smart Ferry electric boat to see the Chao Phraya River’s beauty.
You can also stop at Yaowarat Road for dinner in the evening.

Day 2 : City Forest Tour, Part 1

     We encourage you to go to Bang Krachao in the morning to get some fresh air. It is a 16-square-kilometer green area not far from Bangkok. After that, when you get back to town, stop by Veggiology, a cold-pressed vegetable juice cafe in Sukhumvit where the main ingredients are healthy, nutrient-rich vegetables. Then go to Benjakitti Forest Park, a new green area in the middle of Bangkok, where you can relax, have a little picnic and spot some territorial animals. Dinner at Haoma, a restaurant featuring dishes prepared with healthy, sustainable ingredients, is a great way to wind down after a long day.

Day 3 : City Forest Tour, Part 2

     Get some exercise done at Lumpini Park first thing in the morning. Go back to the hotel to take a shower. Next, make a quick stop at The Common Saladaeng for lunch, a social hub in the heart of Silom that makes the most of its outdoor space. After that, pay a visit to the Chula 100 Year Park as well as the shrines located in the surrounding area. Ohkajhu is a healthy restaurant that grows all of its own organic veggies and should be the place where the dinner is finished.

Day 4 : Shop for eco-friendly products

    Velaa Sindhorn Village is a new eco-friendly community mall where you can eat breakfast. There are dining options available, in addition to a diverse selection of items, for people who like green living. Then go on to Sundance Lounge, a cool tea shop in the Seenspace Thonglor project where you can buy products that are good for the environment, like refillable products. Dinner at Bo.lan, a famous restaurant that uses local ingredients to help communities across the country.

Day 5 : Easy-breezy

    We suggest taking the BTS from National Stadium Station to Udom Suk Station. Then continue to PTT Forest in the City. After you’ve finished, have a cup of coffee at Better Moon Cafe x Refill Station, a green cafe that aims to spread the concept of decreasing waste and plastic use through an urban lifestyle. Stop by Dasa Book Cafe in Phrom Phong to purchase used books in good condition. And finishing with dinner at K-Village, another community mall that values the environment and welcomes pets.

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