Our hotels are an inclusive stop for incredible experiences. With thoughtfully designed rooms, social spaces, bars, restaurants, travel activities and more to meet every unique traveler. Our mission is to create unparalleled travel experiences from check in until check out. Whether you’re looking to expand your existing hotel without the management headache, or are ready to jump into the hotel business with your undeveloped land, let our hotel industry experts take your vision to reality.

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Why Lub d?

Largest Hotel in Southeast Asia
1,200 Beds and 1,000 in pipeline
1 Million Guests Database
Hotel Development Study
1st ranking in Tripadvisor: Lub d Phuket & Lub d Makati
Partners’ network OTA, designer, vendor, system and others

Benefits & Details

Easily Open and Run Your Hotel With Our Simple Set-Up Services & Management

  • No huge upfront IT investment required
  • you need is a computer and internet connection
  • Hotel management and systems is run off our partner cloud technology system in PMS, POS, and Accounting
  • Quick setup so you can start welcoming guests to your hotel in less than a week
  • Access to our distribution channel, direct booking, and revenue management
  • Enjoy the benefits of increased sales and reservations, almost immediately!

Your One-Stop Solution for Hotel Development

  • Local assistants to help you quickly increase the overall business performance
  • Access to our preferred contractors for every step of development
  • Systems in place to address every pain point of the hotel development process
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Design development assistance
  • Customer Insight
  • Construction supervision
  • Hotel Pre-opening management
  • Operation of the hotel
  • Human resource management
  • And more!

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