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        1. 20% discount from the total amount of the claimed booking

  • The hotel will cancel the original booking with a full refund and make a new booking with a 20% discount directly by email.

        2. One of Lub d Freebies for the upcoming stay: 

  • Guarantee late check-out at 6 PM.
  • Guarantee early check-in at 9 AM.
  • Room upgrade to next room category (subject to availability)
  • 30% discount on F&B services (except Tokiojo at Lub d Siam)
    (cannot be used with promotion price or special offer, the discount can be used only once, excluding the alcoholic beverages)

        3. 30% discount from the best available rate for the next booking

  • Only available for 356 days after the claim is made

Terms and conditions

  1. The Best Rate Guarantee applies to the confirmed bookings made only on the official website at
  2. Our team can accept or deny the claim by following the terms and conditions on the hotel website.
  3. Claims will only be considered and accepted within 24 hours after the reservation is made.
  4. For the Guarantee, the Competing Rate shall be for the same property, same location, same room category, same reservation dates, the same number of guests, same cancellation policy, and all other terms and conditions are tied to this rate.
  5. The lowest rates will be available for public booking at least 24 hours after the claim is submitted.
  6. The claim must be submitted at least 72 hours before the standard check-in time at the applicable hotel.
  7. The claim form may be rejected if it is incomplete, submitted in an unsupported language from an unsupported website or mobile application.
  8. A small price of less than 3% difference does not meet our Best Rate Guarantee conditions.
  9. The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to unpublished rates below: 
    • Membership programs websites
    • Private sales
    • Corporate discounts
    • Negotiated prices
    • Group prices
    • Rewards programs
    • Coupons discount
    • Bundled packages
    • Promo Code offers 
  10. The hotel will compare the price between the hotel website and another website in hotel currency.
  11. The hotel can amend, revise, supplement, suspend or discontinue its Best Rate Guarantee at any time.