Things to look for in a travel partner

Doesn’t everyone wish for the right travel companion? Having a good travel partner is the key in your trip. In other words, your trip can be successful or not, depending on the person you travel with.

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Travel in itself can be a stressful experience. That’s why choosing the right person to travel with is something not to overlook. You may be travelling with lifelong friends, but you will realize how being on the trip is different from past relationships. You’ll be exposed to plenty of things that you might misunderstand in short-lived interactions. You must be spending a bit of time with friends in unknown places and possibly unusual situations. It’s also a great way to test a friendship. If you are looking for someone on your next trip, here are some traits all travel partners should have.

Someone with similar interests

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Find someone who has the same tastes, opinions, similar interests, and expectations about the trip as you do. It will be so much easier if you’re into a lot of the same things! Something worth mentioning is eating: if your friend eats the same types of food, you’ll spend most of your days as food trips. Sometimes you can even dress or make up in a concept theme of the day.

Easy-going and has a positive mind

Trips don’t always work out as planned. The key is just to keep calm and figure it out along the way! The perfect travel partner will be able to look back and laugh at the moments that didn’t go exactly as you wished. You’d probably like someone that can enjoy the journey and doesn’t make the situation worse. Plan B is not scary; it’s a priceless addition to your experience. Look for someone that can have fun with the moments and not overthink.

Similar budget

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It’s important to know the kind of money your partner is willing to spend on things such as food, accommodations and entertainment. Prior to the trip, discuss together the concepts of “cheap” or “expensive” on all aspects of your possible spendings.

Communicate with an open mind

Since you’ll be spending almost 24/7 together throughout your trip, it’s better if you stay real and respectful to each other. Share anything without judgement and with an open mind if small annoyances happen. As both wonderful persons, you don’t want to change them, and they don’t need to change you. Be sincere, respect and understanding.

Get out of the comfort zone

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Isn’t travelling all about adventure? Well, most of it is. We encourage you to do something different from the routine. Travel with a friend who is open to trying unique food you’ve never heard of, try speaking the local language, getting lost in endless ways, or doing the things you have never done or want to. Those are where some of the best memories come from. Find someone that isn’t afraid to try something new, even if it’s just once!

Knows the compass

You won’t regret being with a smart traveller that knows how to use tools to help navigate. They are sure to come in handy when you’re trailing through the difficult routes. Knowing the streets and sharing an opinion of which way to go is a must; no one should be doing that alone. Also, help each other remember the way to your hotel or convenience stores instead of looking it up all the time. Quickly figuring the directions out will allow you more time for shopping and new discoveries too!

Can take care of themselves

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice everything by sticking with each other the entire trip. You may be on a trip together, but things will be a lot easier if you can take care of yourself and your belongings. Your friend should be able to stay alone when necessary.

Shares photography passion

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It’s more than ideal if your travel partner knows how to take awesome shots of you and has similar excitement for capturing travel moments. Of course, it’s not a must, but you’re lucky if you find a travel mate that understands your passion to have amazing photos for your social feed.

Respect and explore other cultures

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To make the trip more delightful, travel with someone who wants to know some local phrases, learn about local traditions and try local cuisine with an open mind. Both of you will experience more when connecting to the locals and being respectful of other cultures.

A planner in need

If you’re a person that loves to do things spontaneously, maybe it’s a good idea to find someone to balance it out: a planner. The planner would have things and plan B’s sorted. The planner will be sure to book all the tickets and get you to each destination on time. This guarantees you’ll not miss anything in your trip.

Do some activities separately

Travelling together doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your time together. Plan a day or more to do activities separately, and go back to share your stories at the end of the day.

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Sometimes the situation can throw you into a state of panic because you’re in a foreign land and feel uncomfortable. Having the best partner in every travel moment can help in your comfort and travel fulfillment.

All in all, these are some of the suggestions to decide on who you’d like to travel with, hope it helps in your next trip!

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