The 8 Sacred Shrines of Bangkok

     Thailand is well known around the world as being a very devout Buddhist country with a rich cultural and spiritual heritage. When you come to any major city, you will instantly notice the large number of spirit houses, shrines, temples, and places of worship, heavily influenced by Hinduism and Theravada Buddhism.

    Well, “it’s by hook or by crook” here guys. In Thai culture, if the practical or logical ways of achieving certain goals like working hard to get rich cannot get us anywhere, we turn to sacred entities for help. We’ve put together a list of the 8 most important Hindu/Buddhist shrines around the city for you who might be a little bit curious to visit. At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with praying or wishing for something.

1. Erawan Shrine

     Probably the most famous one of all, this shrine is dedicated to Brahma, the Hindu God of creation, who ultimately decides everyone’s fate. The shrine is located right in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and attracts streams of people from all over the world daily. One can also witness regular Thai classical music and dances here, and witness devotees providing cash and flower offerings.

2. Ganesh Shrine

    Right in front of Central World is the magnificent Ganesh Shrine, dedicated to the Hindu God of success. Resembling an elephant, Ganesh is also revered as the protector of arts and knowledge, and the remover of obstacles.

3. Trimurti Shrine

    Right next to the Ganesh Shrine is the Trimurti Shrine, dedicated to the God of Love. Depicted as a 3 headed statue, representing all three Gods, Trimurti has the power to bring luck, and is the mightiest of all protectors. It was once also the internet sensation for collaborating with Tinder dating application for the singles to come and wish for their soulmates.

4. Jatulokbal Shrine

    Another powerful God/Deity made up of 4 different Gods, Jatulokbal is known as the God of Directions, and the protector of the North, South, East, and West. Jatulokbal is depicted having 4 faces, with the different faces each representing protection, wealth, success, and prosperity. The shrine is located right across the main road from the Erawan Shrine.

5. Lakshmi Shrine

    Found right adjacent the Jatulokbal Shrine in front of Gaysorn shopping mall, this is dedicated to the Goddess of wealth and fortune. Often depicted sitting atop her Elephant, Lakshmi is revered by many who seek good business dealings and those who seek better financial situations.

6. Umathevi Shrine

Umathevi is the Goddess of compassion and the beloved wife of the God of destruction in Hinduism. She is worshiped for her devotion to her husband, and for people seeking help with family issues.
The Umathevi shrine is in front of the BIG C shipping center, right across the road from Central World and both the Ganesh and Trimurti Shrines.

7. Indra Shrine

    The protector of heaven and earth and the God of Thunder, Indra is revered as the one who creates daylight and the lord of the elements. He is known as the bringer of lightning, thunder, rain, storms, rivers and of war. The Indra shrine is in front of the Amarin Plaza, and his statue is made of solid jade with four arms holding a trident and a dagger.

8. Narayana Shrine

    Right across the road from the Indra Shrine in front of the Intercontinental Hotel is the Narayana Shrine dedicated to the God of Protection. The God of protection is worshiped as a destroyer of evil. His love is the Goddess of Fortune, and Lord Buddha is also known to be an incarnation of Narayana.


     We encourage you to visit the shrines once, not only just for good luck but also to admire the religious and cultural heritage that has been inherited in Thai culture for thousands of years! On top of that, staying at Lub d Siam, located just two BTS stops away from the area, is the perfect place to base yourself while preparing to embark on your spiritual journey!