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Mixed Dorm

Shared Accommodation (Mixed)

Bunk in a Mixed Dorm for the complete Samui hostel experience. Meet amazing people from all around the world, while still relaxing in comfort and security. Rooms come equipped with electronic keycard access, individual lockers, a dressing area, beautiful shared bathroom and more.

Top Recommendations by Our Guests
Bed Curtain
Shared Bathroom
Private Socket
Laundry Zone
Pool Bar
Swimming Pool
Special Offers
Travel Together

Enjoy 40% discount for your room and pastry breakfast box.

The Longer, The Better

Enjoy 15% discount when book 5 nights or more

Early Booking

Enjoy upto 30% discount when book 14 days prior to arrival


Certain with your itinerary? Book now and save even more up to 20% off

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