Essential Travel Apps For Backpacking In Southeast Asia


Planning a backpacking journey across Southeast Asia or anywhere in the world can feel overwhelming and can be challenging — especially when you want to visit many countries in one extensive trip.


These are must-have travel apps for backpacking in Southeast Asia. From navigation and language translation to budget tracking and accommodation booking and many more that you wouldn’t know that you need, these essential apps will make your journey through Southeast Asia a breeze.





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Essential Travel Apps for Planning Backpacking Trips





A versatile note-taking app that can be used extensively for jobs, organizing, and study, making it a natural choice for organizing all your travel details.


Adapting to its features might take some time, but it’s worth it.


With Notion, you can create pages dedicated to each country, where you can store info on visas, transportation, currency, living costs, and regional attractions — making it easy for you to access all your important information and documents kept in one place.





Miro is an online collaboration platform that is best used for brainstorming and visualization.


Its dynamic interface and seamless features make it an ideal choice for creating collaborative mind maps when preparing trips.


Whether you’re charting out destinations, organizing travel details, or assigning tasks, Miro offers a visually engaging way to plan your journey. 





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Best Travel Apps For Booking Transportation 




Is it possible to travel from Malaysia to Indonesia by ferry? How about going from Bangkok to Siem Reap by bus?


Rome2Rio helps answer these questions by showing all available transportation options, including prices and operators.





Skyscanner is definitely a go-to app for finding the best flight deals. It allows you to compare prices from different airlines and travel agents, making it easy to find the most affordable options for your backpacking trip.


Plus, the “Everywhere” feature is perfect for those with flexible travel plans, as it shows you the cheapest destinations from your point of departure.  


Its price alert feature for specific destinations is incredibly useful for planning big trips.




Bonus – Useful Websites for Planning Trips


Drone Laws: For drone regulations by country.


Numbeo: For cost-of-living data.


Google Travels: For must-see attractions.



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Best Travel Apps For Booking Hotels in Southeast Asia


Beyond the obvious choices like and Airbnb, these apps offer budget-friendly accommodations:





Offers significant discounts, especially in Asia, but also globally





Ideal for budget travelers, with hostel listings and reviews. Finding budget-friendly accommodations is a top priority for backpackers, and Hostelworld is the ideal app for discovering and booking hostels on the go. With a wide range of options and user reviews, you can easily find the perfect place to stay without breaking the bank.





Provides free stays with local hosts for travelers seeking to stretch their budget.






Best Apps for Finance and International Bank Account 


Having a global bank account simplifies your finances while traveling, making currency exchange and international transactions effortless. Here are our top picks:





With Wise, you get two free withdrawals monthly and low fees for subsequent withdrawals.


One of its standout features is the ability to open multi-currency accounts, allowing you to manage and hold different currencies. Wise’s user-friendly app also makes it easy to transfer money worldwide with transparent exchange rates.





Revolut is a strong contender for international travel. They offer five free ATM withdrawals or a £200 withdrawal limit per month, with a minimal 2% fee for additional withdrawals. 


The app offers a straightforward way to convert and hold multiple currencies, providing great flexibility for travelers.



Trail Wallet


Budget tracking is essential for any backpacking trip, and Trail Wallet is the perfect app for managing your expenses on the go. 


You can set a daily budget, categorize your spending, and track your expenses in multiple currencies, making it easier to stay on top of your finances while on the road.






Best Apps To Book Activities


Southeast Asia brims with exciting activities, and these apps will help you find the best experiences:





GetYourGuide is a one-stop shop for unique experiences, whether you’re exploring floating villages or snorkeling in remote islands. The app offers curated tours and activities that you can book easily, ensuring you get authentic experiences.





Klook provides fantastic prices on a wide range of activities, similar to Get Your Guide. From city tours to cultural excursions, you can discover many hidden gems through this platform.





Perfect for hiking enthusiasts, AllTrails offers detailed trail offline maps and GPS tracking. You can search for hiking trails around your destination and download maps for offline use, ensuring a smooth adventure even when you lose signal.




Food Delivery Apps in Southeast Asia



While traveling, eating out is common, but sometimes you crave the comfort of dining in. For those cozy nights, consider these apps:




Grab is your go-to app for food delivery across much of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and more. You can order food from a variety of local restaurants right to your door.





ShopeeFood is a relatively new feature on Shopee app in which you can order food from both local and chain restaurants. 




Operating in Indonesia and Singapore GoJek is a versatile app for ordering food and other essentials. Its reliability and user-friendly interface make it a handy companion for your journey.




Predominantly used in Cambodia and Laos, Foodpanda also serves other parts of Southeast Asia. With a broad selection of restaurants, you can find dishes that suit your taste wherever you are.





Transportation Apps in Southeast Asia



For local transportation, Grab is great option for quick rides. For longer journeys, these apps have you covered:


12Go Asia

This is your ultimate app for traveling by bus, ferry, or train across Southeast Asia. 12Go Asia offers a vast selection of routes at affordable prices, making it easy to book your travel arrangements.





If 12Go Asia doesn’t cover your route, Bookaway is a great alternative. It offers travel options across most of Southeast Asia and beyond, ensuring that your long-distance journeys are smooth and hassle-free.





In addition to providing bus, train, and ferry tickets, EasyBook also offers car rentals and tour bookings. This makes it a versatile choice for planning your journey.


Navigating through unfamiliar streets and remote areas in Asia can be daunting, but with, you can download offline maps of entire countries or regions. 


This means you can access detailed maps and navigation without needing an internet connection, making it perfect for backpackers who may find themselves off the beaten path.





Marketed as the ‘Everyday Everything’ app, Grab has taken Southeast Asia by storm. 


It can be used to arrange transport and avoid being ripped off. Whether you need a taxi, motorbike, or even food delivery, Grab has got you covered.





Country-Specific Apps

While many apps work across Southeast Asia, some countries have unique apps:




  • Explore Singapore MRT Map: Offline metro maps with route planning.
  • GetGo: Carsharing with no deposit.





  • Via Bus: Real-time bus tracking.
  • Line: Popular messaging app.
  • Bolt: similar to Grab transport but cheaper





  • Loca: Local ridesharing.





  • Angkor Wat Smart Guide: Offers audio guides for visiting Angkor Wat.





  • VeXeRe: The top bus ticketing platform.
  • Pro tip: Opt for Limousine buses for comfort on long rides.





  • Booky: The main food delivery app.
  • Angkas: Motorbike rides to beat traffic.
  • Public transport directions.





  • Schedules by Trafi: Compares public transport options in Jakarta.





  • Go Car: Quick and easy car rentals.





  • Oway: Myanmar’s largest taxi service.





  • GoMamam: Popular food delivery.
  • Dart: The local ridesharing app.





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