City Guide to Exploring Makati – Top Makati Malls, Hidden Gems, Local Eateries & More


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Known as the financial and commercial hub of Metro Manila, the vibrant Makati city is so much more than just high-rises and offices. This cosmopolitan district boasts a variety of attractions from iconic malls to art galleries, cultural spots to foodie havens. Ready to truly explore Makati? Here’s your updated city guide on what to see, do and eat in Makati



6 Top Makati Malls For Your Shopping Craves


Makati is known for its world-class mega malls. These are the top and most-frequented malls that both locals and travelers love



1. Century City Mall


Century City Mall packs entertainment, dining, and shopping into a contemporary building. This mid-sized mall houses cinema screening the latest blockbusters, restaurants, and cafes with diverse cuisines, and stores spanning top brands to local retailers. 


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Mystery Manila 

For a unique experience, try escaping from Mystery Manila‘s puzzle rooms with friends — race against the clock to uncover clues and unlock your way out of different themed rooms. It offers an exciting dose of adventure in the middle of the city. A great place to spend less than an hour with your friends if you run out of things to do.


Sip & Gogh

Order a drink from their menu to enjoy during your painting session. They have coffee, tea, wine, beer, cocktails, and mocktails. Paint a fun picture to take home. Their famous canvases include tropical beaches, night skies, animal portraits, and landscapes. You can also customize your painting experience by choosing your themes and topics.




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2. Glorietta (at Ayala Center)


Situated in the heart of Makati’s Central Business District, Glorietta Mall stands as a vibrant hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment. This iconic mall boasts a prime location near top offices, hotels, and transport hubs. Glorietta strategically curates zoned offerings to cater to corporate workers, students, families, and friends. 




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3. Power Plant Mall


Power Plant Mall caters to high-end brands and offers a refined shopping experience. However, it excels when it comes to dining options. With a vast array of cuisines, the mall surpasses others in Makati for food. 




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4. Greenbelt Shopping Mall


The premier Greenbelt Mall in Makati is comprised of five distinct shopping areas catering to different tastes. From the intimate boutiques of Greenbelt 1 to the upscale flagship stores of Greenbelt 3 and 5, each section has unique architecture and offerings. 


By night, Greenbelt transforms into a lively hub of cocktails and music, making it a top destination for things to do in Makati. The open-air restaurants and park-like atmosphere lend a relaxing vibe. Greenbelt also contains Greenbelt Chapel, a serene sanctuary amidst the retail buzz. 



5. SM Makati 


Located in Makati’s Ayala Center, the hugely popular SM department store is one of the most visited shopping centers in Manila and offers everything for family shopping – clothes, homewares, toiletries, food, and more.


It has local and international luxury brands, great exchange rates at the BDO forex counter, and an SM Supermarket for groceries and forgotten trip items. SM is a one-stop shop conveniently meeting all needs under one roof.




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6. Ayala Mall Circuit 


Ayala Mall Circuit is an excellent place to spend time with family. It has abundant dining options across many restaurants and food stalls. The mall also hosts bazaars and night markets. Pet-friendly facilities provide inclusivity. On the 3rd floor, the solemn church offers a peaceful sanctuary that feels removed from the bustle of the mall.


Athletic offerings like gyms, dance studios, and a bouldering wall cater to active visitors. The sizable Timezone arcade on the top floor and grassy area on the 5th are popular hangout spots, especially among those waiting for movies. With leisure, entertainment, retail, and dining all conveniently in one venue, Ayala Mall Circuit has diverse attractions to enjoy quality time together.


Rolyo Skate House

Looking for a fun activity with friends? Come roll on over to Rolyo Skate House! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, Rolyo offers a great time gliding around their smooth wooden rink. Start off slow, hold the railings, and find your balance.


Once you’ve got it down, cruise confidently to the music and neon lights. Attempt faster skating or fun tricks once you’re comfortable. Take a break at their snack bar to fuel up on bites and hydrating drinks when you need a rest.



Delicious Eateries Around Makati


Makati is a food lover’s paradise, with a wide variety of cuisines and dining options to choose from.


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Wildflour Café + Bakery

One popular eatery is the Wildflour Café + Bakery, which offers a range of baked goods, sandwiches, and brunch items.




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Another must-try restaurant is the Blackbird at the Nielson Tower, which serves modern European cuisine with elegant art deco architectural style.




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Salcedo Weekend Market

Every Saturday, the Salcedo Village comes alive with the bustling Salcedo Weekend Market. Score fresh produce, baked goods, street food, and artisanal crafts from local farmers and small businesses while enjoying live music. Get there early before vendors sell out! 


Check out The Ultimate Pinoy Street Food Guide You Must Try! (Most Tastiest Edition) if you want to try out yummy street food. 




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Crosta Pizzeria


Hankering for pizza in Makati? Crosta is known for excellent thin-crust Neapolitan pies baked in a wood-fired oven. Toppings range from classic Margherita to creative options like burrata and pistachio pesto. Takeaway is available too.




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Mercato Centrale


By night, the parking garage in BGC transforms into Mercato Centrale – a bustling night food market with stalls slinging everything from burgers to Brazilian street food. Pull up a seat and indulge in some drool-worthy comfort eats. Come with an empty stomach and you will get to enjoy the local delish with the chilling vibe.



Cool Things To Do in Makati City (Free Of Charge)


The Art Farm in San Antonio Village Far from the busy CBD, this laidback community arts center in San Antonio Village provides space, facilities, and workshops for artists and art enthusiasts. Browse exhibits or sign up for classes in photography, pottery, dance, and more.


Makati has an impressive art gallery scene. Check out contemporary masterpieces at Silverlens Galleries or spot emerging Filipino talent at Art Cube Gallery. Head to The Crucible for stunning glass sculptures. There are often free exhibit openings in the evenings too.


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Tips for Exploring Makati


Getting around Makati and Manila is easy with plenty of transportation options. The MRT and LRT trains offer budget-friendly and reliable public transit, with stations at key areas in Makati like Ayala and Guadalupe.


Iconic Philippine jeepneys run regular affordable routes across main roads. For shorter trips, grab a tricycle, or the local auto-rickshaw.


Taxis are everywhere, just hail on the street or use the GrabTaxi app for fast service. To beat traffic, consider bikes, scooters, or walking when possible. 


GPS and apps like Waze help navigate. Keep small bills for exact change when paying fares.


Allow extra time as Manila traffic can be unpredictable. With trains, jeepneys, taxis, and more, Makati offers convenient mobility for exploring its business and leisure hubs.


Thinking about staying in a dorm in Makati? Here is a guide to dorm staying in Makati: Living in a Dorm in Makati, The Philippines: A First-Hand Experience Guide.


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Weather – Best Time to Visit Makati, Manila


Manila enjoys a tropical climate with relatively steady temperatures year-round. The weather is hot and humid from March to May with averages from 27-36°C.


June to November brings monsoon rains and slightly cooler temps around 26-31°C.


December to February sees pleasant dry seasons with temps in the 26-29°C range.


For comfortable weather, the best times to visit Manila are during December-February and March-May to avoid heavy rainfall.


Pack light clothing along with umbrellas or rain jackets.


Those looking to beat the crowds and capitalize on lower rates should target the off-peak months of July-August. With scenic spots both indoors and outdoors, Manila offers attractions all year round. Check forecasts before scheduling activities.


Manila’s favorable tropical climate makes exploring the city enjoyable any time of year.





Makati is a vibrant city you definitely have to make a stop to explore the city side of The Philippines. From high-rise buildings to local shops, you will get to fully immerse in the local Filippino cultures — from the culinary scene, people, museums, and architecture. 


If exploring the city is your thing, strolling through the vibrant city vibe of Makati is certainly recommended.




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Lub d Makati


Conveniently situated near Century City Mall, Lub d Makati provides an ideal base for exploring the vibrant Poblacion district. This lively affordable stay offers both shared dorms and private rooms decked out in modern style. Guests enjoy the walkable location to access the inner city, restaurants, and attractions. Lub d itself features a rooftop bar, games room, laundry facilities, and co-working space.