A Guide to Using the BTS Skytrain from Lub d Bangkok Siam


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Welcome to Bangkok, a city teeming with culture, shopping districts, and iconic attractions. If you’re staying at Lub d Bangkok Siam, you’re in the heart of the action, right in Siam Square, surrounded by landmarks like Siam Paragon, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, and Siam Center. To make the most of your Bangkok adventure, mastering the BTS Skytrain system is a must. In this guide, we’ll show you how to navigate Bangkok’s lifeline, the BTS Skytrain, from the convenience of Lub d Bangkok Siam.



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BTS Skytrain System 



The BTS Skytrain is the ideal way to explore Bangkok’s bustling cityscape. The network consists of two lines: the Sukhumvit Line (light green color) and the Silom Line (dark green color).

Lub d Bangkok Siam is situated near the National Stadium Station (W1) on the Silom Line. Only a station away from Siam Station (CEN), this puts Lub d Bangkok Siam in the middle of all the shopping areas where both locals and tourists frequently visit. 

You can see the full map here: BTS Skytrain Route Map




Attractions Near BTS National Stadium Station



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1. Exploring All Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Siam Center, Siam Square One Walking Street and Siamscape And MBK


Pathum Wan is Bangkok’s bustling district, home to Thailand’s top universities, top schools, high-rise condos and corporate buildings, and world-class shopping malls. You’ll find many trendy boutiques, cafes, shops, and arcades frequented by young locals and travelers. 


Only a station away from BTS Skytrain from National Stadium or you can simply just walk there (around 5 minutes walk), you’ll be in the heart of the action and top attractions in which all the Siam malls are nearby, and connected. You can spend the whole afternoon wandering through corridors for unique independent stores or stopping by the malls to shop for brand-name or high-end goods.




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Tucked in the lively shopping district of Bangkok, Lub d Bangkok Siam is undoubtedly one of the most convenient places to stay. As one of the coziest dormitory-style hotels in the city center, Lub d offers comfy beds whether you’re traveling solo or with friends.


Beyond comfortable accommodations, Lub d has a stylish design that modern travelers love. Every corner seems made for snapshots with iconic Bangkok sights in the background. Their cool amenities like a café make it easy to meet other guests exploring the area.


From Lub d, you’ll be steps away from the best of Bangkok. Major attractions, markets, and incredible street food are all within easy reach on foot or via public transport. Even the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center is a quick walk for nights of live performances and exhibits.


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Opposite Lub d Bangkok Siam is MBK where you can grab last-minute souvenirs back home or buy anything you can think of. This shopping center has everything you need and is frequented by travelers from all walks of life as well as the locals.

Residents and students love this lively area. Cafes are always busy with the buzz of conversations. Hip shops offer the latest fashions at bargain prices. Upbeat music spills from arcades onto the streets. 

The energy and variety make it a fun place to spend an afternoon. You’ll get to discover indie designers alongside big names, delicious local eateries, and cool spots for your photo opportunities. 





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2. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (Free of Charge)


Located in the heart of Bangkok’s vibrant area which is only a 2-minute walk from Lub d Bangkok Siam, sprawling across 9 floors, this modern building has established itself as a leader in showcasing Bangkok’s contemporary art scene.


More than just gallery space, BACC is a one-stop destination for creativity. The rotating exhibition program features works by local and international talents, including students. With such a large space, there’s always something new to discover. From paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations. 


Usually, the building is not crowded so you will get to experience all the art pieces with ease. We suggest you make a stop while visiting Bangkok as this place will be a place where you can learn a lot more about Thailand’s social situation and contemporary art scenes.


You can also check both recurring and rotating events held at the center via their official site.




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3. Nearby Fitness Center (In Case You Don’t Want to Skip The Gym)


National Stadium BTS station is where the Ministry of Sports of Thailand is located, therefore, you can expect local facilities related to sports and health around the area, as well as occasional sports competitions such as Muay Thai and Football can also be witnessed. 


A walking distance away from Lub d Bangkok Siam is Stadium One. This is where the locals love to go to get their workout done. Around the area, you can also find sports-related goods such as Thai football jerseys and sports equipment.


For the more high-end fitness centers, you can also stop by Virgin Active at Siam Discovery and Fitness First at Siam Paragon where you can get to experience top sports facilities and equipment to get you all worked up. 



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4. Visiting the Jim Thompson House Museum


This fascinating museum tells the story of American businessman Jim Thompson, who helped revive Thailand’s silk industry after WWII. He became a major art collector, assembling items into six Thai-style homes on leafy grounds.


Today it offers a peaceful escape in bustling Bangkok. Wander wood-floored rooms holding Thompson’s exquisite Southeast Asian antiques. The lush tropical gardens have quiet spots perfect for relaxation. Don’t miss the lovely gift shop for locally made souvenirs.


Conveniently located near BTS National Stadium, a guide will show you around for a small fee. Leave shoes at the entrance to protect historical artifacts. Photos are allowed in most areas. Generates income supporting silk villages in Thailand’s legacy. Whether for culture, architecture, or atmosphere, Jim Thompson House gives fascinating insights into Thailand’s past.



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5. Banthat Thong Road


Students at Chulalongkorn University love to joke that their campus is one giant food court. And it’s hard to disagree! Nearby Banthat Thong Road is a street food heaven perfect for fueling up after class.


This lively strip comes alive in the evenings as hungry scholars browse the endless options. Little family-run restaurants and stalls fill the sidewalks, their enticing scents drawing in the crowds.


Be sure to add these local favorites to your eating list:


Pung Ded for decadently grilled toasted buns. The classic Thai snack hits all the right notes.

Jok Samyan serves comforting congee that’s even better than mom. Their 70 years of experience show.

Kao Tom Hang Rim Non This cozy little spot has lots of tasty options for every appetite. In addition to comforting congee and noodles, their spicy pork over rice is sure to warm you up on a cool night.





Top Bangkok Attractions Near BTS Stations (Reachable from National Stadium Station)


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1. Benchakitti Park (Asoke BTS Station)


You can reach Benchakitti Park by taking a Skytrain from National Stadium (W1) to Siam Station (CEN) which is the Sukhumvit Line and then travel to Asoke BTS Station (E4)


Benchakitti Forest Park brings nature to the city. The park transformed an old tobacco factory into a beautiful green space. People can now enjoy forests, trails, and wildlife even in the middle of a busy urban area. Wetlands clean the water naturally. Visitors can exercise outdoors while learning about nature. Kids especially love the farm area.


The park also hosts community events. Its learning center empowers people of all ages. Benchakitti Forest Park proves that concrete jungles can become greener too.


The most unique point of the park is the scenic walkways — elevated boardwalks stretch the entire length through the trees. From high above, you can take in sweeping aerial views of the lush greenery below and the bustling Bangkok skyline beyond. Bird watching is also a delight as small swooping silhouettes dart amongst the branches. A stroll takes around 15 minutes, though you may linger longer admiring the exquisite scenery at each turn. 


Check out other parks in Bangkok that you should visit here: Bangkok’s Best Green Zones to Reconnect with Nature



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2. ICONSIAM (Krung Thon Buri BTS, Charoen Nakorn BTS)


To get to ICONSIAM from the BTS Skytrain, take the Silom Line and exit at the Krung Thon Buri station. From there, switch to the Gold Line and stay on until you reach the Charoen Nakhon station. When you arrive, use Exit 3 to reach the ICONSIAM shopping center.


Located along the Chao Phraya River, ICONSIAM Mall is one of the largest shopping complexes in Bangkok. The multi-level mall features a unique indoor floating market called SOOKSIAM, luxury brand boutiques, and a major Japanese department store named SIAM Takashimaya.


SOOKSIAM transports visitors to a traditional Thai atmosphere. Over 40 food stalls sell authentic regional cuisine in an air-conditioned setting. Shoppers will also find handicrafts from all over Thailand. Nearby, SIAM Takashimaya offers seven floors of renowned Japanese labels, supermarkets, and restaurants.


For high-end brands, ICONLUXE houses designers like Cartier. Epicureans can dine at restaurants with stunning river views, like Hobs or the international buffet at Great Harbour. Another highlight is Bangkok’s sole Apple Store – a beautifully designed space.

With its indoor attractions and luxury amenities, ICONSIAM Mall delivers an immersive Thai experience alongside world-class shopping and dining. It has quickly become a must-visit destination in the heart of Bangkok.





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3. Jodd Fairs Danneramit BTS Phahonyothin 24


Bangkok’s famous Jodd Fairs night market has expanded with a new location at Dan Neramit Park. This spacious night market offers even more food and shopping options.


You’ll find trendy clothes, craft beers, souvenirs, and innovative Thai snacks at Jodd Fairs Dan Neramit. They have Japanese and Taiwanese street foods plus churros and boba teas. The market puts an innovative twist on traditional flavors.


With more space, you can easily enjoy crowd-pleasing dishes like giant seafood platters and pork bone mountain. Plus several restaurants have comfortable indoor seating.


Nearby you’ll also find a beautiful fairytale castle surrounded by hot air balloons. It’s a scenic spot for picnicking with food from the night market stalls.


The new Jodd Fairs Dan Neramit is located right off the MRT and BTS at Phahonyothin Station. It’s easy to access and offers an unforgettable night market experience in Bangkok. Be sure to check it out!





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4. Chatuchak Weekend Market BTS Mochit 


Bangkok’s Chatuchak or Jatujak Market is the largest market in Thailand, with over 8,000 stalls spread across 30 sections. Locals and tourists flock there every weekend to find great deals on everything from clothes to food to art.


You’ll find fashion bargains and food stalls throughout that offer Thai specialties like fresh coconut ice cream, desserts, and quick snacks. There is also a section where you can purchase art from the artists who showcase unique paintings and sculptures. It’s easy to get lost navigating the sprawling market—grab a free map from info booths.


Plan your trip for Friday or weekend mornings. Many vendors slash prices early to attract the first customers of the day. 


You can reach there by both MRT and BTS. If you’re taking BTS on the Sukhumvit Line, you can get there by taking the Skytrain to Mochit Station (N8).





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The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) houses Thailand’s largest collection of modern art in a sleek granite building. Over 800 sculptures and paintings are displayed across five bright floors, allowing each piece to breathe.


Standouts include controversial works in the private permanent collection. Seasonal exhibits dive deep into Thai culture, like a recent show focused on elephants. Rooms flow together nicely with escalators and elevators between.


Gallery floors are spacious yet peaceful since the museum lacks a prime location. Art descriptions provide context in English. Browse books and MOCA-branded gifts at the onsite shop after your visit.


Allow at least an hour to take in the impressive scope of Thai artwork. Savvy visitors fuel up elsewhere instead of the underwhelming cafe. Even without tours or audio guides, MOCA gives visitors insight into the rich contemporary art scene in Bangkok.


You can conveniently reach MOCA by both MRT (Chatuchak Park Station) and BTS Kasetsart University (N13). 





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6. Bang Pu Recreation Center 


Escape the city at Bangpu Recreation Centre, a seaside park a short ride from Bangkok. Locals flock there during the weekends to relax by the water. You’ll get a stunning photo opportunity here as the area includes thousands of migratory seagulls. You can also feed them.


As afternoon fades to evening, all are treated to a scenic 360-degree sunset over the water. Nearby seafood restaurants make the perfect spot to fuel up before catching the BTS Skytrain back.

Ride the BTS to Kheha Station (E23), then follow signs from Exit 3 for pickup trucks to Bangpu. Leave stress behind and unwind with nature’s peaceful sights and sounds on the shore. Bangpu awaits relaxation and beauty just outside busy Bangkok.




Lub d hope this guide has provided you with all the information needed to easily navigate the BTS Skytrain system and explore the top attractions near Lub d Bangkok Siam station. From phenomenal shopping destinations to unique museums, there is no shortage of things to see and do within proximity. Be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes as many places can be reached on foot. Don’t forget to try the tasty street food along the way. Whether you’re looking for culture, retail therapy, or simply relaxation, this vibrant neighborhood has it all. Safe travels and enjoy all Bangkok has to offer!


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