5 Beaches in The Philippines You Must Visit Once in Your Life!

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  The entire country of the Philippines is made up of thousands of islands! It’s no surprise that it is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. If you’re looking for sandy white beaches and pristine translucent waters, then this archipelagic paradise should be at the top of your list. Follow your Lub d buddies for the top 5 best beaches that you should check out in the Philippines.

1. El Nido, Palawan

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  We’ll start off at one of the most famous spots in the country, El Nido is regularly considered one of the best beach and island destinations in the world. While El Nido itself is a municipality on Palawan Island, we added it to the list as it is full of incredible beaches. Las Cabanas, Seven Commandos, and Lio Beach are all known for incredibly beautiful waters, palm trees, and sandy shores. El Nido is also a haven for nature enthusiasts with countless species of birds, marine animals, forests, plants, and coral all calling the island home.

2. White Beach, Boracay

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     As the main attraction on the island of Boracay, White Beach is considered by many visitors and locals as one of the best beaches in the Philippines. Surrounded by natural beauty, stunning waters, and numerous luxury resorts, White beach is the ideal place for couples and honeymooners. Snorkeling, fishing, kite surfing and other extreme water sports are also very popular throughout the island of Boracay.

3. Alona Beach, Panglao

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    Another dreamy and picturesque beach, Alona is a popular tourist spot located on Bohol’s Panglao island. During the day, visitors flock to the sandy white shores and enjoy the clear waters amidst a very relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. At night, the energy switches up and the beach is lively with bars and partygoers, making Alona a big attraction for the younger crowds.

4. Kayangan Lake, Coron

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    Another unbelievably stunning spot, Kayangan Lake is an Instagrammer or a vlogger’s ultimate dream. Located on the island of Coron, Kayangan is not a beach and is a freshwater oasis, but we simply couldn’t skip it on this list. The water here is so clear that you can see the rock formations and the bottom of the lake on a clear sunny day. One of the cleanest and clearest bodies of water in all of Asia, Kayangan should be at the very top of everyone’s itinerary when visiting the Philippines.

5. Saud Beach, Luzon

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    The most tranquil and quiet of the beaches on this list, Saud on the northern island of Luzon is a dream spot for those wanting to avoid massive crowds of tourists. Gorgeous dark blue waters, long stretches of practically deserted beaches, and millions of palm and coconut trees make it a very memorable place to be. Saud is also an excellent spot for those wishing to relax with their families and has all the natural beauty of its southern counterparts minus the waves of visitors.

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    While this list highlights just 5 of what we consider the ‘best’ beaches in the Philippines, there are countless others waiting to be explored that you may prefer even more. If you’re looking for a place to base yourself before embarking on your island-hopping escapade, you should look no further than the budget hotel and socialized hotel at Lub d Makati. Not only does Makati have its own incredible sights to see, it’s also in the middle of metro-Manila, so booking flights and organizing your trips to the islands will be a piece of cake. Our staff at Lub d Makati are always there to help you if you have any questions when planning your trips.